Synchronize Replicas

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To copy changes from one member of the replica set to another, use the Synchronize Replicas menu option. Note that information is copied both ways, including deletes, updates and inserts.

Synchronize a Replica

To synchronize a replica and a design master, follow the steps below:

1.Open the Master project file.
2.Select the Tools | Manage .EAP File | Synchronize Replicas menu option.
3.Locate and select the required replica to merge the open project and the replica.

Note: When you synchronize, both projects end up containing identical information.

Change Collisions

Note that if two or more people work on the same element (or package or diagram) then the replication engine has problems in resolving which change is the master. To avoid this, always work on separate areas in the model when you are using replicas. You can also use the Tools | Manage .EAP File | Resolve Replication Conflicts menu option.

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