SCC Version Control User Options

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Change User

If it is necessary to change the SCC user name, you can use the following procedure. However, it is not generally recommended as it can result in a confused checkout state for packages.

1.Select the Project | Version Control | Version Control Settings menu option.
2.Select Change User.

Users of SCC

Some SCC providers require you to specify a user name, to which the following points apply:

·The version control user name has no relationship to the users set up as part of Enterprise Architect security.
·A single user can be logged into multiple machines simultaneously.
·It is not a roaming facility; logging into a PC does not grant access rights to packages checked out on other machines. Each machine has its own record of which packages are checked out and only enables access to those.
·User name is stored per PC and is stored across Enterprise Architect sessions. To change to a different user click on Change User in the version control screen.

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