Set up a MySQL ODBC Driver

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Before you can connect to a MySQL data repository, you must first set up a MySQL ODBC driver for which, in turn, you must first have installed Microsoft MDAC components, a MySQL DBMS system and a MySQL ODBC driver.

Note: The MySQL ODBC driver version 3.51.14 creates problems in incorporating tests in elements. Use a different version, such as 3.51.12.

To set up your MySQL ODBC Driver, follow the steps below :

1.Select the WindowsTM Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Data Sources (ODBC) option. The ODBC Data Sources Administrator window displays.
2.Click on the Add button. The Create New Data Source dialog displays, enabling you to add a new DSN.
3.Select MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver from the list.
4.Click on the Finish button. The Connector/ODBC 3.51.12 - Add Data Source Name dialog displays.
5.Enter the following configuration details:
·A data source name for the connection
·A description (optional)
·The host address of the DBMS server
·User name and password
·The database name on the selected server.

See the example below

6.Click on the Advanced tab and Flags 1 tab to set the advanced options.
7.Select the Don't Optimize Column Width and Return Matching Rows checkboxes, then click on the OK button.
8.Click on the Test button to confirm that the details are correct.
9.If the test succeeds, click on the OK button to complete the configuration.
10.If the test does not succeed, review your settings.

Your MySQL connection is now available to use in Enterprise Architect.