Standard Colors

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The Standard Colors page of the Options dialog is shown below:


Standard Colors Settings:

·Paper - Defines the paper (background) color in diagrams.
·Element Fill - Defines the fill color of elements.
·Element Line - Defines the line color of elements.
·Shadow - Defines the shadow color.
·Attribute - Defines the attribute color.
·Method - Defines the method color.
·Note Color - Defines the note background color.
·Note Compartment Text - Defines the color of text in the Note Compartment.
·Screen - Defines the screen (element) color.
·Connector Line - Defines the connector line color.
·Behavior - Defines the color for behaviors in Activity diagrams.
·Show Project Custom Colors in Element Format toolbar - Select to enable use of project custom colors; for more information on setting and getting the custom colors see the Get and Set Project Custom Colors topic.
·Show Gradient Fill for Paper Color - Select to have a color gradient in the diagram background, deselect to have a solid, uniform background color.
·Gradient Fill Direction For an Element - Click on the drop-down arrow and select the direction for the color gradient within element boxes, or select <none> for no color gradient.

Note: Using this page of the Options dialog, you can set the background of a diagram to be a specific color and to be either a uniform color or to have a fade gradient from top to bottom. Alternatively, you can create a background image for the diagram; see the Create Custom Diagram Background topic.