Stylesheets and Table of Contents

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The editor supports Character and Paragraph-type stylesheet style items. The Character stylesheet style constitutes a set of character formatting attributes and is applied to a character string. The Paragraph stylesheet style constitutes not only a set of character formatting attributes, but also a set of paragraph formatting attributes. The paragraph style is applied to one or more paragraphs.



Create and edit styles

A stylesheet style is created and modified using the Edit | Edit Style menu option. A dialog displays, enabling you to choose between a character style or a paragraph style.

You can select an existing style to modify from the list box or enter a name for a new style. Once you click on the OK button, the recording of the stylesheet properties begins. You can use the ruler, toolbar, or the menu selections to modify the stylesheet items. The ruler, toolbar, and menu also reflect the currently selected properties for the stylesheet item. Please note that the paragraph properties are enabled only for the paragraph type of stylesheet item.

After you have selected the required properties, terminate the stylesheet editing mode by either selecting the Edit Style menu option again or by clicking anywhere in the document. If the existing stylesheet item was modified, the document automatically reflects the updated stylesheet properties. If a new stylesheet item was created, your next step is to apply the style to the required text by choosing the Font | Style or Paragraph | Style menu option.

Apply character styles

The Font | Style menu option enables you to apply a stylesheet style to the currently highlighted character string.

Apply paragraph styles

The Paragraph | Style menu option enables you to apply a stylesheet style to the current paragraph. To apply a style to a range of paragraphs, highlight the paragraphs before selecting the menu option.

Insert Table of Contents

Create the heading styles using the Edit | Edit Style menu option.

For example, to insert a three-level table of contents:

1.Create heading styles heading 1, heading 2 and heading 3.
2.Place the cursor at the heading lines and apply a suitable heading style using the Paragraph | Style menu option.
3.Position the cursor on the point at which to insert the table of contents and select the Insert | Table of Contents menu option.

The table of contents is automatically updated whenever repagination occurs.