Text/Picture Frame and Drawing Objects

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A frame is a rectangular area that can contain both text and pictures on the page. The text outside the frame flows around the frame. A drawing object can be a text box, rectangle or a line. The drawing object overlays the text. To embed a Frame or Drawing object, select the appropriate option from the Insert menu. The new object is inserted at the current text position.

To insert text into the frame or a text box, click inside the frame to select it, and type the text at the cursor position.

To size a frame, click inside the frame to select it, then click on a sizing tab and move the tab to the required position. Release the mouse button when done. The text inside the frame is automatically wrapped to adjust to the new width. If the new height of the frame is not enough to contain all text lines, the frame height is automatically adjusted to include all lines. If the frame contains only a picture, the picture size is automatically adjusted to fill the frame.

To move the frame, click inside the frame to select it and move the cursor just outside the frame until the cursor changes to a plus-shape. Hold the mouse button down and move the frame to the new location, then release the mouse button.

To edit the base vertical position of the frame, select the Edit | Edit Frame/Drawing Object | Vertical Base Position menu option.

Frames locked to the top of the page or the top of the margin retain their vertical position when you insert text before them. To edit the border and the background of a drawing object, select the Edit | Frame | Edit Drawing Object menu option.  This option is available in Page Mode only.