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This menu enables you to turn the following viewing options on and off:



Page Mode

In this mode, the editor displays one page at a time. This mode is available when the editor is called with both the Word Wrap and the Page Mode (or the Page View) flags turned on.

This mode is most useful for the documents containing multiple columns, as the columns are displayed side by side. In addition, this mode provides all the features of the Print View mode.

Fitted View

A special case of the Page mode, in which the text wraps to the window width and the soft page breaks are not displayed..


The ruler shows tab stops and paragraph indentation marks. The ruler can also be used to create or delete tab stops.

Tool Bar

The tool bar provides a convenient method of selecting fonts, point sizes, character styles and paragraph properties. The tool bar also shows the current selection for font, point size and character styles.

Status Ribbon

The status ribbon displays the current page number, line number, column number and row number. It also indicates the current insert/overtype mode.

Hidden Text

This option displays the text formatted with the hidden attribute (see Character Formatting Options) with a dotted underline. When this option is turned off, the hidden text is not visible.

Paragraph Mark

This option displays a symbol (an inverted 'P') at the end of each paragraph. This option is useful when working with lines with many different heights.

Hyperlink Cursor

This option is used to display the hyperlink cursor when the cursor is positioned on a hypertext phrase. The hyperlink cursor is an image of a hand with a finger pointing to the text.


This feature enables you to shrink or enlarge the display of the document text. The editor enables a zoom percentage of between 25 and 200.