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Enterprise Architect diagrams support Swimlanes for all diagram types. Swimlanes are vertical or horizontal bands in a diagram that divide the diagram into logical areas or partitions. In the example below the activities relating to particular entities within the model (eg. the User, or the back end Repository) are placed within a containing swim lane to indicate their association.


To manage swimlanes, select the Diagram | Configure Swimlanes menu option to display the Configure Swimlanes and Matrix dialog. The dialog defaults to the Swimlanes tab.


This dialog enables you to set the orientation (vertical or horizontal), line color and width of the swimlanes, and lock the swimlanes to prevent further movement. . You can also  specify the font color and bold font, hide names, hide the classifier and show the name in the title bar. Use the New, Modify and Delete buttons to change aspects of the selected swimlane. Use the uphand and downhand (up and down) buttons to change the order of swimlanes within the diagram.

If you set a background color for a swimlane, it takes on the same shading profile as the main diagram background.

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