The Debug Workbench

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The Debug Workbench is a tool in Enterprise Architect Debugging, enabling you to create your own variables and invoke methods on them. Stack trace can be recorded and Sequence diagrams produced from the invocation of such methods. It provides a quick and simple way to debug your code.

Platforms Supported

The Debug Workbench supports the following workbench paltforms:

·Microsoft .NET (version 2.0 or later)
·Java (JDK 1.4 or later)

Note: The Debug Workbench does not currently support the creation of class instances written in native C++, C or VB.


The debug workbench operates in two modes.

Idle mode

When the workbench is in idle mode, instances can be created and viewed and their members inspected.

Active mode

When methods are invoked on an instance, the workbench enters Active mode, and the variables displayed change if the debugger encounters any breakpoints. If no breakpoints are set, then the variables do not change. The workbench immediately returns to Idle mode.


The result of creating variables and the result of calls on their methods is displayed in the Output tab.