The Code Template Editor

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The Code Template Editor window is accessed by selecting the Settings | Code Generation Templates menu option.





Selects the programming language.

New Language

Displays the Programming Languages Datatypes dialog, which enables you to include programming languages other than those supported for Enterprise Architect, for which to create or edit code templates.


Displays the contents of the active template, and provides the editor for modifying templates.


Lists the base code templates. The active template is highlighted. The Modified field indicates whether you have changed the default template for the current language.

Stereotype Overrides

Lists the stereotyped templates, for the active base template.

The modified field indicates whether you have modified a default stereotyped template.

Add New Custom Template

Invokes a dialog for creating a custom stereotyped template.

Add New Stereotyped Override

Invokes a dialog for adding a stereotyped template, for the currently selected base template.

Get Default Template

Updates the editor display with the default version of the active template.


Overwrites the active templates with the contents of the editor.


If you have overridden the active template, the override is deleted and replaced by the corresponding default code template.

For information on creating and editing code templates using the Code Template Editor window, see the Enterprise Architect Software Developer's Kit (SDK).