Version Control

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Enterprise Architect supports version control of packages and their component sub-packages to a central version control repository. You can place any individual packages, View nodes or model root nodes under version control.

Version Control provides two key facilities:

·Coordinating sharing of packages between users
·Saving a history of changes to Enterprise Architect packages, including the ability to retrieve previous versions.

There are four basic ways in which the version control facility might be used:



Single Shared model

Users share an Enterprise Architect model, stored in a central EAP file or DBMS repository. This configuration enables  you to see other users' packages without explicitly having to retrieve them.

·Version control regulates access to packages, and maintains package revision history.

Multiple Private models

An Enterprise Architect model is created by a single user who configures it for version control. The model file is then distributed to other users, with each user storing their own private copy of the model.

·Users update their model's packages through version control
·Version control regulates access to packages, and maintains package revision history
·Other users' new packages are retrieved using the Get Package command.

Shared packages

Individual users create separate Enterprise Architect models but share one or more packages.

·Users share packages through version control.

Standard packages

A company might have a standard set of packages which are broadly shared (on a read-only basis).

·Individual users retrieve packages with the Get Package menu option.

Note: We strongly urge you not to manipulate version controlled package files outside of Enterprise Architect. It is possible to leave the package files in a state that Enterprise Architect cannot recognize.

Controlled packages configured for version control appear in the Project Browser window with a small figure eight (8) to the left of the package icon, as in the example below. Checked out packages have just the figure 8, and checked in packages also have a blue rectangle with a key overlaid on the package icon.


Version Control Products

The version control repository is maintained by third-party version control software that controls access to and stores revisions of the controlled packages. Version controlled packages are packages that have been configured for use with version control software. Version Control products supported by Enterprise Architect include CVS, MS TFS, Subversion and all other products that provide an interface that complies with the Microsoft Common Source Code Control standard (version 1.1 or higher).

Note: Although Enterprise Architect directly supports TFS through its command line interface, we recommend the use of Microsoft's TFS-SCC client instead.

·Subversion is available from
·CVS is available from

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