XSD Datatypes Package

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When modeling XSD constructs, it is often useful to have the XSD primitive types represented as UML elements. In this way user-defined types, for example, can reference the datatype elements as part of inheritance or association relationships.

Sparx Systems provides the set of primitive XSD data types as a UML package in the form of an XMI file. Each of the XSD primitive types is represented by a UML class in a package named XSDDatatypes. To import the XSDDatatypes package into your model, follow the steps below:

1.Download the XSDDatatypes package using the following link: XSDDatatypes Package. The file XSDDataTypes.xml is an XMI file.
2.Use Enterprise Architect's XMI import facility, which is available via the Project | Import/Export | Import Package from XMI menu option.
3.When the XMI import is complete, you have the UML package named XSDDatatypes in your model, from which you can drag and drop the relevant types as required.