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Use Case Description桹MaR Project

Use Case Name: Maintain MDS
Use Case Purpose: The purpose of this use case is to keep MDSs updated.
Point of Contact: ?/foNT>
Date Modified: ?/FONT>
Preconditions: The Access Clinical Records use case has been successfully executed.
Postconditions: The MDS is updated.

The MDS must be updated

  1. Every 90 days

  2. Annually

  3. When the Resident has shown a significant change in condition

Assumptions: None identified.

Basic Flow:

A. The Nurse reviews the Clinical Records via the Access Clinical Records use case.
B. The Nurse assesses the Resident's condition.
C. The Nurse updates the MDS if required (see limitations above).
D. The Nurse releases the MDS.
E. The Nurse repeats this process for each Resident that is assigned to the Nurse.

Alternate Flow:

Condition Triggering Alternate Flow:? The new MDS is not updated prior to the required times (see limitations).

A. See the Alternate Flow of the Establish MDS use case.

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