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Use Case Description桹MaR Project

Use Case Name: Manage Clinical Records
Use Case Purpose: The purpose of this use case is to automate many of the tasks that are performed by the Medical Records Manager (for example, closure and destruction of the Clinical Records).
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Date Modified: ?/FONT>
Preconditions: The Access Clinical Records use case has been successfully executed.
Postconditions: The Records Destruction Schedule and/or the Records Closure Schedule may be updated.
Limitations: None identified.
Assumptions: This use case will be automatically executed once a day, between 12:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. An actor can also manually initiate this use case.

Basic Flow:

A. The Time actor or the Medical Records Manager actor activates this use case.
B. INCLUSION: Perform Verify Security Permissions use case.
C. EXTENSION: Perform Close Clinical Records use case.
D. EXTENSION: Perform Destroy Clinical Records use case.

Alternate Flow:

Condition Triggering Alternate Flow:? None identified.

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