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Use Case Description桹MaR Project

Use Case Name: Transmit MDS
Use Case Purpose: The purpose of this use case is to submit the MDSs of all Residents to the Government Agency responsible for reviewing the MDSs for compliance with regulations.
Point of Contact: ?/foNT>
Date Modified: ?/FONT>
Preconditions: The Access Clinical Records use case has been successfully executed.
Postconditions: Submittal locks each MDS submitted from further changes. Subsequent submittals of MDSs that were previously submitted are Reviews of those MDSs or are to correct a 揵ad?transmission.
Limitations: The submittal of new MDSs must occur monthly.
Assumptions: None identified.

Basic Flow:

A. For those MDSs (and Quarterly Updates) that are due for submittal, the Administrator (through delegation to the Facility Staff) prepares these MDSs for submittal.
B. The MDSs are electronically submitted to the Data Broker.
C. The Data Broker reviews the MDSs for correctness, completeness, and so on.
D. The Data Broker sends the results of this analysis to the Government Agency.
E. The Government Agency prepares a Case Mix Index Report based on the MDSs and the Data Broker's analysis.
F. The Government Agency sends the Case Mix Index Report to the Administrator.

Alternate Flow:

Condition Triggering Alternate Flow:? None identified.

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