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14.5. Test Your Understanding


True or False?

  1. A process may contain multiple AppDomains.

  2. An AppDomain may contain multiple assemblies.

  3. An AppDomain can contain both EXE and DLL assemblies.

  4. An AppDomain can be unloaded from memory.


What are the three types of object activation modes, and which protocols can be used with each?


Which activation mode creates a new object each time a client invokes a method on the object? Which mode creates a new object only the first time a client invokes a method?


Explain the difference between CurrentLeaseTime, InitialLeaseTime, and RenewalOncallTime.


What determines how often the lease manager checks for lease expirations?


Which activation modes support the use of leases?


When is a server-activated singleton object created?

  1. When the host begins running.

  2. When the client uses the new operator to create an instance of the object.

  3. When the client first calls a method on the object.

  4. When the object type is registered by the host.


Compare channel registration and type registration.


What is the reason to use SoapSuds or an interface when designing a remoting application? How is SoapSuds used?

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