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Linux Desktop Hacks
By Jono Bacon, Nicholas Petreley
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: March 2005
ISBN: 0-596-00911-9
Pages: 342

      About the Authors
      Why Linux Desktop Hacks?
      How to Use This Book
      How This Book Is Organized
      Conventions Used in This Book
      Using Code Examples
      How to Contact Us
      Got a Hack?
      Safari Enabled
        Chapter 1.  Booting Linux
      Hacks 1-9
      Hack 1.  Give Your Computer the Boot
      Hack 2.  Kill and Resurrect the Master Boot Record
      Hack 3.  Bypass the Boot Manager
      Hack 4.  Set a Bitmap Boot Screen for LILO
      Hack 5.  Create Your Own LILO Boot Splash
      Hack 6.  Display a GRUB Boot Splash Background
      Hack 7.  Create a GRUB Boot Splash Background
      Hack 8.  Jazz Up Your Debian System Boot
      Hack 9.  Graphics on the Console
        Chapter 2.  Console
      Hacks 10-15
      Hack 10.  Redefine Keyboard Actions
      Hack 11.  Energize Your Console with Macro Music Magic
      Hack 12.  Take a Screenshot from the Command Line
      Hack 13.  Put Your Command Prompt on a Diet
      Hack 14.  Simplify Changing Directories
      Hack 15.  Colorize Files in Your Pager
        Chapter 3.  Login Managers
      Hacks 16-21
      Hack 16.  Switch Users Fast
      Hack 17.  Double Your KDM (KDE) Login Screens
      Hack 18.  Double Your GDM (GNOME) Login Screens
      Hack 19.  Get Multiple Desktops the Macho Way
      Hack 20.  Scrap X11 for Fancy Login Consoles
      Hack 21.  Personalize Your Qingy Theme
        Chapter 4.  Related to X
      Hacks 22-34
      Hack 22.  Take Your Screens Black
      Hack 23.  Spice Up Your Desktop with Creative Mouse Cursors
      Hack 24.  Convert CursorXP Themes for Use with Linux
      Hack 25.  Use Windows and Mac Fonts
      Hack 26.  Never Miss Another Reminder
      Hack 27.  Make Applications Trigger On-Screen Alerts
      Hack 28.  Heat Up Your Keyboard with Hotkeys
      Hack 29.  Get Hotter Hotkeys with LinEAK
      Hack 30.  Access Windows and Mac OS X from Linux
      Hack 31.  Run Your Desktop over the Internet
      Hack 32.  Access Your Programs Remotely
      Hack 33.  Add Depth to Your Desktop
      Hack 34.  Give Your Desktop X-Ray Vision
        Chapter 5.  KDE Desktop
      Hacks 35-44
      Hack 35.  Make Konqueror a Window into Remote Spaces
      Hack 36.  Konquer Remote Systems Without Passwords
      Hack 37.  Ai Karamba! Flashy KDE Gadgets!
      Hack 38.  Start Applications in Weird and Wonderful Ways
      Hack 39.  Script Hacks with DCOP
      Hack 40.  Create Your Own KDE Right-Click Menu Actions
      Hack 41.  Make KDE Even Easier to Use
      Hack 42.  Give Depth to Your KDE Windows
      Hack 43.  Lock Down KDE with Kiosk Mode
      Hack 44.  Run KDE on the Bleeding Edge
        Chapter 6.  GNOME Desktop Hacks
      Hacks 45-48
      Hack 45.  Randomize Your GNOME Wallpaper
      Hack 46.  Grow Your GNOME with gDesklets Steroids
      Hack 47.  Create Your Own GNOME Right-Click Actions
      Hack 48.  Compile a Bleeding-Edge GNOME Desktop
        Chapter 7.  Terminal Empowerment
      Hacks 49-54
      Hack 49.  Share Applications and Monitors with screen
      Hack 50.  Stop Using Terminal Command-Line Switches
      Hack 51.  Ultimate Terminal Transparency
      Hack 52.  View Microsoft Word Documents in a Terminal
      Hack 53.  Display PDF Documents in a Terminal
      Hack 54.  View Word and PDF Files from Within Mutt
        Chapter 8.  Desktop Programs
      Hacks 55-69
      Hack 55.  Reduce Startup Time
      Hack 56.  Read Yahoo! Mail from Any Email Client
      Hack 57.  Encrypt Your Email
      Hack 58.  Reclaim Your Email with procmail
      Hack 59.  Convert Your Mailbox
      Hack 60.  Configure Firefox Under the Covers
      Hack 61.  Eliminate Annoying Browser Stalls
      Hack 62.  Get Browser Plug-ins Working
      Hack 63.  Create an Internet Phone
      Hack 64.  Motion Capture and Video Conferencing Fun
      Hack 65.  Put Screenshots Automatically on the Web
      Hack 66.  Scan for Wireless Networks
      Hack 67.  Map Your Meatspace
      Hack 68.  Connect to a Microsoft PPTP VPN
      Hack 69.  Play Restricted Media Formats
        Chapter 9.  Administration and Automation
      Hacks 70-87
      Hack 70.  Automate Your Life with cron
      Hack 71.  Update Your Clock via the Internet
      Hack 72.  Start Desktop Applications Automatically
      Hack 73.  Don't Let Elvis Leave the Building
      Hack 74.  Clone Your Linux Install
      Hack 75.  Forward Ports over SSH
      Hack 76.  Take Control of New User Setups
      Hack 77.  Send Email Alerts for System Events
      Hack 78.  Create a Passwordless Login
      Hack 79.  Magically Empower Your Network Cable
      Hack 80.  Protect Yourself from Windows Applications
      Hack 81.  Build a Custom Firewall Computer
      Hack 82.  Link Monitoring in Linux with Wavemon
      Hack 83.  Make Network Backups
      Hack 84.  Recover from Debian Disaster
      Hack 85.  Prelink for Performance
      Hack 86.  Grab the Latest Source Code
      Hack 87.  Speed Up Compiles
        Chapter 10.  Kernel
      Hacks 88-91
      Hack 88.  Compile a Kernel
      Hack 89.  Upgrade Your Kernel to 2.6
      Hack 90.  Use CKO to Make Your Desktop Go to 11
      Hack 91.  Tweak Your Kernel Without Recompiling
        Chapter 11.  Hardware
      Hacks 92-100
      Hack 92.  Make an Internet Connection Using Bluetooth and a Mobile Phone
      Hack 93.  Perfect USB Devices with Project Utopia
      Hack 94.  Optimize Your Refresh Rates
      Hack 95.  Print to Unsupported Printers
      Hack 96.  Control Your Power with ACPI
      Hack 97.  Use an iPod with Linux
      Hack 98.  Sync Your iRiver with Linux
      Hack 99.  Boost Hard-Drive Performance
      Hack 100.  Accelerate Your Gaming

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