Project Clients

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Project clients are the eventual owners of the software system.

To capture client details associated with the current model, select the Settings | People menu option and, on the People dialog, click on the Project Clients tab.


Complete the fields as described below:




Type the name of the client.


Type the name of the organization that employs the client.


Type the role the client plays in the project (eg. Manager, Sponsor).

Phone 1, Phone 2, Mobile, Fax

Type the contact telephone numbers for the client.


Type the email address of the client.


Type additional notes on the client.

Defined Clients

Lists clients that have already been defined.

Click on the Save button to add the new client to the Defined Clients list.

To add details of further clients, click on the New button.

To delete a client record, click on the name in the Defined Clients list and click on the Delete button.

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