Connector Properties

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To access the connector Properties dialog, double-click on a connector in a diagram. You can change several characteristics of connectors from this dialog.

The connector Properties dialog has several tabs. The General tab enables you to configure the name of the connector (Link Name), the direction, the line style, the stereotype (optional) and a comment.





Link Name

An optional name for the link. If entered, the name displays on the diagram.


Direction details: from source to destination, reverse or bi-directional. Some links have arrow heads that depend on this setting. Some links are logically dependent on this (eg. inheritance).


Connection style: choose from Direct, Auto-Routing, Bezier, Custom, Tree (Vertical) or Tree(Horizontal)


An optional stereotype for the link (displayed on the diagram if entered).

Object Flow

Available only for flow connectors. Indicates that objects or data can flow along this link.

Virtual Inheritance

Available only for Generalization connectors. Indicates if inheritance is virtual.


Available only for Generalization connectors where the child class is C++. Controls the scope used for inheritance.


An optional note about the link. The note is displayed in documentation if required

Tip: If you set a stereotype, this displays in a diagram and over-rides the link type in the RTF documentation.

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