Create Predefined Reference Data Tagged Value Types

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To create a predefined reference data Tagged Value type, follow the steps below:

1.Select the Settings | UML menu option. The UML Types dialog displays; select the Tagged Value Types tab.
2.In the Tag field type an appropriate tag name.
3.In the Description field type a description of the purpose of the tag if required.
4.In the Detail field type a value for the Tagged Value type, and any extra information as required by the predefined type. In the example above, the predefined value's return values have been set to return the values for all of the Authors in the Enterprise Architect model.
This enables you to assign any of the previously defined Authors to a model feature (Model features that can have Tagged Values applied to them are detailed in the Model Elements and Features with Tagged Values topic in the Enterprise Architect User Guide).

Note: If the values in the reference data are changed after the Tagged Value type is created, Enterprise Architect must be reloaded in order to reflect the changes with the Tagged Value Type.