Relationship Matrix

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The Relationship Matrix is a spreadsheet display of relationships between model elements within packages. You select a source package and a target package, the relationship type and direction, and Enterprise Architect highlights all the relationships between source and target elements by highlighting a grid square.

The Relationship Matrix is a convenient method of visualizing relationships quickly and definitively.  It also enables you to create, modify and delete relationships between elements with a single mouse click - another quick way to set up complex sets of element relationships with a minimum of effort.


Click on this link for information on accessing the Relationship Matrix.

You can also:

·Select options for modifying the type of information the Relationship Matrix displays
·Update, delete and create relationships through the Relationship Matrix
·Export the contents of the Relationship Matrix to a CSV file
·Print the contents of the Relationship Matrix
·Save a profileof the Relationship Matrix settings to monitor development of the same source and target packages.