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The Links tab of the element Properties dialog displays a list of all relationships active for the current element.


The Relationships panel lists the relationships this element has. The:

·Element column identifies the elements this element is related to
·Element Stereotype column identifies the stereotype (if any) of the element
·Type column identifies the element type of the related element
·Connection column identifies the type of relationship
·Stereotype column identifies the stereotype (if any) of the relationship.

From the Links tab you can perform operations on a relationship, by right-clicking on the relationship to display the context menu.



·Hide the relationship on the diagram, click on the Hide Relation menu option; the option then changes to Show Relation, which you select to redisplay the relationship on the diagram)
·Display the relationship Properties dialog, click on the Relationship Properties menu option
·Highlight the related element in the Project Browser window, click on the Locate Related Object menu option
·Delete the relationship from the model and all diagrams, click on the Delete Relationship menu option; the system prompts you to confirm the deletion.