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Operations are features of a class or other element that represent the behavior or services an element supports. For a Customer class, UpdateCustomerName and GetCustomerAddress can be operations. Operations have several important characteristics, such as type, scope (visibility), static, abstract and notes.

How to Access Operations

If an element supports operations (typically classes and interfaces), the right-click context menu contains the Operations menu item. Select this to open the Operations dialog. Alternatively, press [F10].

How Operations Appear in Diagrams

Elements with operations (typically classes) display their features in diagrams in the manner shown below. As the diagram illustrates, some characteristics display in shorthand form; for example, static displays as $, abstract as *.


Operations in the Project Browser window

Classes with operations have their features collected beneath them in the Project Browser window. Right-click on an operation and select Operation Properties to open the Operations dialog and edit details for the feature.

From the Project Browser window, you can drag operations onto new elements to give them the same operations.


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