RTF Templates Dialog

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The RTF Templates dialog enables you to create, edit and delete RTF style templates.

In the Corporate edition of Enterprise Architect, if security is switched on, you must have Configure Resources access permission to create RTF templates.

To open the RTF Templates dialog, click on the Manage Templates button on the Generate RTF Documentation dialog.


The dialog has the following functions:



Delete a template

Click on the template name and click on the Delete Selected button.

Create a new template

Click on the New button.

The new template can be based on an existing template or you can start with a blank template.

To make it easier to get up and running, Enterprise Architect provides a basic template with default settings on which you can base new templates.

Open the RTF Style Template Editor

Click on the template name and click on the Edit button. The <template name> screen displays, presenting the facilities of the RTF Style Template Editor.

Close this dialog

Click on the Close button.

Import RTF Templates saved to XML files using the Tools | Export Reference Data menu option

Click on the Import From Reference File button.