Set Element Parent

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You can manually set an element's parent or an interface it realizes, using the Type Hierarchy dialog.

Set the Element Parent

To set the element parent, follow the steps below:

1.Select a generalizable element in a diagram.
2.Select the Element | Advanced | Set Parents and Interfaces menu option. Alternatively:
·Press [Ctrl]+[I] or
·Right-click and select the Advanced | Set Parent context menu option.

The Set Parents and Interfaces dialog displays.


3.You can elect to enter a parent or interface name by either manually typing it in, or clicking on the Choose button to locate the element within the current model.
4.Set the Type of relationship (Implements or Generalizes) from the drop-down list.
5.Click on the Add button to add the relationship.
6.Click on the Delete Selected button to remove the current selected relationship.

Note: If Parents do not have their corresponding related element in the same diagram, the parentage is shown in the top right corner of the child element, as shown below: