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The stack view shows all currently running threads. Any thread that is at a breakpoint displays a stack trace.  Clicking on the  Debug_Start_Button_NoShadow (Run Debugger) button continues the thread until another breakpoint is encountered, or the thread ends.

·A yellow arrow is only present where a thread is suspended. It highlights the frame in the stack at which the thread's execution has suspended
·A blue arrow indicates a thread that is running
·A red arrow indicates a thread for which a stack trace history is being recorded
·If multiple threads are suspended, you can click on the thread entry to select that thread
·Selecting a thread results in that thread being displayed in orange; the Source Code Editor also changes to reflect the current line of code for that thread
·Double-clicking a frame takes you to that line of code in the Source Code Editor; local variables are also refreshed for the selected frame.


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