Recording History

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This tab is used to record any activity that takes place during a debug session. Once the activity has been logged, Enterprise Architect can use it to create a new Sequence diagram. For more information see Recording a Debug session.


·Sequence - unique sequence number

Note: The checkbox against each number is used to control whether or not this call should be used to create a Sequence diagram from this history.  In addition to enabling or disabling the call using the checkbox, you can use context menu options to enable or disable an entire call, all calls to a given method, or all calls to a given class.

·Thread - operating system thread ID
·Method - class and method names
·Source - filename and line number
·Direction - Stack Frame Movement , either Call, Return, Breakpoint or Escape (Escape is used internally when producing Sequence diagram to mark end of an iteration)
·Depth - stack depth at time of call; used in generation of sequence diagrams.


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