Configure Timeline Dialog - Transitions Tab

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You can also manage states and transitions using the Transitions tab of the Configure Timeline dialog. To display this, either:

·Double-click on the Lifeline element
·Right click on the Lifeline element and, from the context menu, select the Properties option, or
·On a Value Lifeline, click on the Edit States button (Edit State Button).

The Configure Timeline dialog defaults to the States tab. Click on the Transitions tab.


All transitions defined for the Timeline element are listed in the Transition Points panel.

Add a New Transition:

1.Click on the New button
2.In the New Transition panel, type the details of the transition.
3.Click on the Save button.

Edit a Transition:

1.Click on a transition in the list.
2.In the Edit Transition panel, edit the fields for the transition as required.
3.Click on the Save button.

Delete a Transition:

1.Click on a transition in the list.
2.Click on the Delete button. The transition is removed from the dialog and the Lifeline.
3.Click on the OK button.

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