Model Context Menu

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The Root Node in the Project Browser window is the Model element. You can have more than one model element. The first level packages beneath the Model node are sometimes referred to as Views as they commonly divide a model into categories such as Use Case Model and Logical Model. Right-click on the Root Node to display the Model context menu.

Model Context Menu

Menu Option


Package Control

Display the Package Control submenu.

Rename Model

Rename the current model.

New Model (root node)

Create a new project root (model).

New View

Create a new View (package).

Add Model using Wizard

Add additional models using the Model Wizard

Search in Project Browser window

Search the Project Browser window. [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[F]

Expand Branch

Expand all items.

Collapse Branch

Collapse all items.

Import Model from XMI

Import a model from an XMI file. [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[I]

Export Model to XMI

Export a model to XMI. [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[E]

Rich Text Format (RTF) Report

Produce RTF documentation for the model. [F8]

HTML Report

Produce HTML documentation for the model. [Shift]+[F8]

Diagrams Only Report

Produce a diagrams only report (in RTF) for the model. [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[F8]

Delete Project Root

Delete the Model node and all subordinate Views and packages.


Display additional help.