Pan and Zoom a Diagram

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Pan the Diagram View in the following ways:

·Use [!], ["], [#], [$], [Page Up], [Page Down], [Home] and [End] when the Diagram View is selected
·Use the scrollbars
·Use the middle mouse button
·Use the Pan & Zoom Window.


You can zoom into and out from a diagram using the zoom buttons on the diagram toolbar, or by using the Diagram | Zoom submenu.


Change the zoom level by 10% by clicking on either the Zoom In (+) or Zoom Out (-) buttons. Alternatively, select the Zoom In or Zoom Out options from the Diagram | Zoom submenu.


There are three ways to return the diagram to 100%:

·Click on the ZoomIcon button
·Select Zoom to 100% from the Diagram | Zoom submenu
·[Ctrl]+middle-click the mouse

Tip: You can zoom in and out of the main window dynamically by holding [Ctrl] and rolling the mouse wheel.

Note: At high levels of zoom, element features cease to display. This is because of the difficulty the Windows font mapper has in choosing a font for extreme conditions, and the result can look odd.