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U2 Partners web site 
UML (Unified Modeling Language)
    communication goals 
        fragmentation period 
        industrialization period 
        revision period 
        standardization period 
        unification period 
    language aspect 
    model aspect 
    OMG goals 
    process and 
UML Forum web site 
undifferentiated classes 
unification period of development 
unified, definition 
unspecified objects 
use cases  2nd 
    Backup Data use case 
    base use case, include dependencies and 
    behavior sequences 
    communicate associations 
    extension use case 
    inclusion use case 
    iteration and 
    Restore Data use case 
    Shutdown System use case 
    Startup System use case 
    type-instance dichotomy 
use dependencies 
use-case classes 
use-case diagrams 
    communicate associations 
    use cases 
use-case generalizations 
use-case instances 
use-case modeling 
user architectural view 
user interface components 
user interface package 
user model (M0-level layer) 
utility package 

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