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object diagrams
    attribute values 
object-flow in activity diagrams 
object-flow transitions 
object-oriented paradigm
    behavioral features 
    behavioral modeling 
    society of objects 
    structural modeling, deployment diagrams 
object-oriented system 
object-scoped attributes 
object-scoped operations 
objects  2nd 
    class roles and 
    classes and 
    collaboration diagrams  2nd 
    link objects 
    object diagrams 
    OCL, link objects 
    sequence diagrams  2nd 
    society of objects  2nd 
OCL (Object Constraint Language)  2nd 
    complex constraints 
    link objects  2nd 
    linked objects 
    simple constraints 
    web site 
OMG (Object Management Group)
    goals for UML 
    UML recognition 
    web site 
OMT (Object Modeling Technique) 
OOSE (Object-Oriented Software Engineering) 
operations  2nd  3rd 
    instance scoped 
    object scoped 
    simple constraints 
operators, OCL 
output device role 

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