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Learning Python


 elif clause
 else (loops) , 2nd  , 3rd
 else statement
 email processing
 embedding Python in C
 empty sequences
 empty strings
 == comparison operator , 2nd
 equality tests , 2nd

    See : exceptions
 escaping quotes
 eval function
 event notification
 exception gotchas
 catching too little
 catching too much
 exceptions , 2nd
 assert statement
 catching 1-of-N
 catching built-in (example)
 error messages (example)
 finally statement
 nest at runtime
 outer try
 passing extra data
 reasons for
 search routine
 try statement
 try/except/else statement
 try/finally statement
 user-defined (example)
 uses of
 using vs. not using
 exec statement , 2nd
 execfile function
 expression operators
 list of
 mixed types
 precedence rules
 functions, methods
 printing values
 Extending and Embedding
 extending Python with C
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