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Learning Python


 identity tests , 2nd
 idle (integrated development environment)
 if statement , 2nd
 imaginary numbers
 immutable sequences
 immutable types, changing
 import statement , 2nd
 as assignment
 general form
 importing modules , 2nd
 in operator
 indexing , 2nd
 __getitem__ method
 inheritance , 2nd
 namespace tree construction
 specialization methods
 __init__ constructor , 2nd
 __init__ constructor
 installation, binary, C-source code forms
 instance objects, classes
 int function , 2nd
 integers , 2nd  , 3rd
 integration with C , 2nd  , 3rd  , 4th

    See : Java/JPython
 integration with Java
 interactive command line, Python
 interactive prompt >>>
 interactive rolodex
 interest calculations
 interest.py program
 automated dial-out
 cgi module
 data processing
 downloading web pages
 urllib module
 urlparse module
 utility modules
 interpreter, defined
 is not operator
 is operator , 2nd
 is-a relation
 iteration , 2nd  , 3rd  , 4th
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