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Learning Python


 Macintosh Python distributions
 mail servers
 mailing lists
 makepy.py program

    See : documentation
 map function
 max function
 McFarlane, Greg

    See : in operator
 membership test
 bound, unbound
 names available
 Microsoft's Common Object Model (COM) , 2nd
 min function
 mixed types, expression operators
 mixin classes
module files
 module gotchas
 from statement
 import, from statements
 recursive imports
 statement order
 modules , 2nd  , 3rd
 classes, versus
 compilation model
 data hiding convention
 design concepts
 import, reload
 __name__ and __main__
 PYTHONPATH variable and
 roles of
 search path
 shipping options
 modulus operator
 __mul__ method
multiple inheritance
 multiple-target assignments
 multiplication operator
 mutability , 2nd  , 3rd  , 4th
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