PortSight Secure Access Documentation

Getting Started


If you're new to PortSight Secure Access this guide will help you become familiar with it. The guide consists of the following chapters:



This chapter explains the PortSight Secure Access features and typical tasks you can use it for.


System Architecture

If you're interested in the architecture of the system and its components read this chapter.


Version History

Contains list of changes, new features and fixed bugs in previous versions.


Feature Comparison

Feature comparison of available editions of PortSight Secure Access.


System Installation and Maintenance

Before you start developing with PortSight Secure Access you need to install it on your computer or server.


Using the Catalog Manager 

The Catalog Manager allows you to deploy and maintain several Secure Access databases (catalogs). This chapter describes typical operations you can use the Catalog Manager for.


Importing Users, User Groups and Organizational Units 

This chapter will guide you through import of external data from Active Directory, Windows NT domains and ODBC data sources.


Developer's Guide

This chapter explains basic security issues - authentication, authorization and auditing and shows you how you can use PortSight Secure Access to secure your Web applications. It also describes how to leverage pre-built user controls delivered with this product. It contains step-by-step samples including Visual Basic.NET and C# code. After reading this chapter you will be able to implement all main features of the PortSight Secure Access component into your application.


Secure Access Administration

This chapter contains documentation of the PortSight Secure Access user interface for developers and administrators.


Appendix A - ASP.NET User Controls Reference

This is a reference of the ASP.NET user controls you can re-use in your applications integrated with PortSight Secure Access.

Appendix B - Web.config Parameters

This appendix describes Web.config parameters used by the PortSight Secure Access Web user interface and user controls.

Appendix C - Special Items in the database

This chapter contains list of special records in the PortSight Secure Access database.


Appendix D - Import.exe Configuration

Configuration settings for the import.exe utility that runs import from external directories, such as Active Directory.


Appendix E - Using X.509 Certificates

This chapter contains detailed information related to X.509 Certificates configuration.


Appendix F - Included Testing X.509 Certificates

List of X.509 Certificates included in the PortSight Secure Access installation.


Appendix G - ARWebService Related Exceptions

Description of all exceptions that may be returned by the ARWebService.


Appendix H - WinForms Controls Reference

Description of PortSight Secure Access user controls for WinForms applications.


Appendix I - Recommendations for Large Databases

Recommendations for databases containing more than 50 000 user accounts.



Articles on frequently asked questions and solving common issues.