Appearance Menu Section

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The Appearance submenu on the element context menu can contain the following options:

Menu Option



Toggles whether the element is selectable or not. If an element is selectable, you can move it around the diagram and perform right-click operations.

If an element is unselectable, you cannot move it around the diagram and the only right-click operation available is to make the element selectable.

This option has no effect on double-click operations on the element, such as displaying child diagrams or Properties dialogs.


Displays the Appearance submenu; see the table below.


Sets the Z-Order of the element.

Lock Element

Locks the element so it can't be edited. It can be unlocked by selecting Lock Element again.

Appearance Sub-Menu

Menu Option


Adjust Appearance

Overrides the element's default appearance.

Select Alternate Image

Selects an alternative image using the image manager.

Set Font

Changes the font used for an element. To select the font for multiple elements within a diagram, select the elements by holding down [Ctrl] and then selecting the Set Font command.

Copy Appearance to Painter

Copies the element appearance to the painter.

Copy Image of Selected Object(s) to Clipboard

Copies the element to the clipboard, so you can paste it into an external application.

Note: Not all menu options shown here are present on all element context menus. Context menus vary slightly between element types. The Code Engineering option won't  display for a Use Case element, for example.