Auditing Quickstart

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To quickly enable auditing and see it in action, follow the instructions below.

Enable Auditing

To enable Auditing:

1.Select the View | Audit View menu option to open the Audit View.
2.Click on the Audit Settings button. The Audit Settings dialog displays.
3.Select the Enable Auditing checkbox.
4.Click on the OK button to close the Audit Settings dialog.
5.Close the Audit View dialog.

You can also open the Audit View by clicking on the Audit View button in the Other Views toolbar.


Make Changes

Change and save your model; for example:

·Add a new package
·Add a new Class
·Add a new connector
·Change the name of an element
·Delete an element.

View Changes in the Audit View

Open the Audit View again (View | Audit View), and click on the Refresh (or Load) button to display a record of the changes you made.

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