Other Views Toolbar

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Other Windows Toolbar

The Other Views toolbar provides access to the following project information windows in Enterprise Architect, in order:

·Element List - Displays the current diagram or package in a context-sensitive, editable flat list
·Model Search - Opens the Enterprise Architect Model Search and its facilities  [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[R]
·Relationship Matrix - Opens the relationship matrix to cross reference elements to each other by connector type
·Discussion Forum - Opens the Project Forum [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[U]
·Audit View - Displays the Audit View, which shows the information that has been recorded by auditing
·Web Browser - Opens the web browser page at the site you have specified on the Options dialog, in the Web Home field.

Click on any of these buttons to toggle the associated window on or off.

Note: The buttons on this toolbar - and the facilities they access - are not all available in all three editions of Enterprise Architect. For example, the Discussion Forum is available in the Enterprise Architect Corporate and Professional Editions, and the Audit View is available only in the Enterprise Architect Corporate View.

You can move this toolbar to any dockable position and it retains that position in subsequent sessions. You can hide or show the toolbar from the View | Toolbars menu option.

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