Diagram Toolbar

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The Diagram toolbar provides quick access to the following functions (in order):

·Align selected elements to the left [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[!]
·Align selected elements to the right [Ctrl]+[Alt]+["]
·Align selected elements to the top [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[#]
·Align selected elements to the bottom [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[$]
·Bring selected element to top of Z order
·Move selected element to bottom of Z order
·Go to previous diagram [Alt]+[!]
·Go to next diagram [Alt]+["]
·Go to default diagram
·Zoom In
·Zoom Out
·Zoom to fit diagram
·Zoom to fit page
·Zoom to 100%
·Auto-layout diagram (not for Behavioral diagrams)
·Show diagram properties [F5]
·Paste appearance
·Delete selected element(s) [Ctrl]+[D]

You can move this toolbar to any dockable position and it retains that position in subsequent sessions. You can hide or show this toolbar from the View | Toolbars menu option.

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