Forum Connections

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Forum Connections enables you to access other discussion forums from other Enterprise Architect models, or models located on servers.

Switch to another Discussion Forum

1.Right-click on an item in the tree and select the Forum Connections context menu option. The Forum Connections dialog displays.
2.Click on the New button and select the Enterprise Architect model in which to access the discussion form. Click on the Open button; the model displays in the Forum Connections panel
3.Select the check box against the model in the Forum Connections panel.
4.Click on the Open Selected Forum button.  The connection now switches to the forum in the selected model from the list.
5.Click on the OK button. The Discussion Forum now shows the discussion in the selected forum.



Connection Name

The connection name becomes the name of the model you selected.

Connection Type

The type of Enterprise Architect model: a local .EAP file or a model on a remote server.

Target Model

The path to the selected model.


Creates a new Discussion Forum connection.


Saves the connection to the Forum Connections list.


Deletes the currently selected connection from the  Forum Connections list.

Forum Connections

Lists all forum connections created.

Prompt for connection

If you select this checkbox, each time you select the Discussion Forum option from the main menu, the Forum Connections dialog displays.

Open Selected Forum

Switches the Discussion Forum to the one selected in the Forum Connections list.

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