The System Window

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The System window documents tasks and issues that relate directly to the current project. It has three tabs:

·Project Tasks - a list of major project tasks that require attention; you can filter tasks based on their current status - right-click for a popup menu, or double-click on a line item to modify details
·Project Issues - a list of events, occurrences and situations that impact on project development and delivery; you can review Issues using the right-click menu or by double-clicking on selected issues
·Project Glossary -  a list of all the technical and business terms already defined for a model; you can add to the list, delete or change items and filter the list to exclude by type.


Tip: Right-clicking in the System window displays a context-sensitive menu, which has options for filtering tasks/issues by status, and glossary by term. You can also rearrange the sort-order by clicking in the title bar of the column that the items are to be indexed on.