Embedding Menu Section

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The Embedding submenu on the element context menu can contain the following options:

Menu Option



Opens the Add sub-menu.

Add Embedded

Opens the Add Embedded sub-menu.

Transform Selected Elements

Converts selected model fragments from one domain to another; see MDA Transforms.

Linked Document

Creates a document and links it to this element.

Delete Linked Document

Delete the document linked to this element.

Add Sub-Menu

Menu Option


Add Tagged Value

Enables you to add a Tagged Value.

Attach Note

Creates and attaches a blank note to the element.

Attach Constraint

Creates and attaches a blank constraint to the element.

Activity Diagram

Creates an Activity diagram that is owned by the element.

Sequence Diagram

Creates a Sequence diagram that is owned by the element.

Communication Diagram

Creates a Communication diagram that is owned by the element.


Creates a Statechart diagram that is owned by the element.

Insert Related Elements

Opens the Insert Related Elements dialog.

Add Embedded Sub-Menu

Menu Option


Embedded Elements

Opens the Embedded Elements window.

Show Realized Interfaces

Displays each interface directly realized by a class.

Show Dependent Interfaces

Displays each dependency relationship for that model element as a lollipop style node attached to its left-hand side.


Adds an embedded Port to the element.

Required Interface

Adds an embedded Required Interface to the element.

Provided Interface

Adds an embedded Provided Interface to the element.

Action Pin

Adds an embedded Action Pin to the element.

Expansion Node

Adds an embedded Expansion Node to the element.

Object Node

Adds an embedded Object Node to the element.

Activity Parameter

Adds an embedded Activity Parameter to the element.

Entry Point

Adds an embedded Entry Point to the element.

Exit Point

Adds an embedded Exit Point to the element.

Note: Not all menu options shown here are present on all element context menus. Context menus vary slightly between element types. The Code Engineering option won't  display for a Use Case element, for example.