License Management

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The License Management dialog in Enterprise Architect enables you to upgrade Enterprise Architect and to register Add-Ins.

Note: At Enterprise Architect release 7.0. support for Add-Ins created before 2004 is no longer available. If an Add-In subscribes to the Addn_Tmpl.tlb interface (2003 style), it will fail on load.

To access License Management from within Enterprise Architect, select the Help | Register and Manage License Key(s) menu option. The License Management dialog displays, listing the currently-registered keys, their expiration date and the product each key applies to.


Use the buttons on the dialog as required:



Add Key

Displays the Add Registration Key dialog, which enables you to:

·Add a new key, either to update to a higher version of Enterprise Architect or to register a new Add-In.
·Obtain a key from the Enterprise Key Store (available for version 4.51 and above).

For more information on adding keys see the Add License Key topic.


Enables the Enterprise Architect Desktop and Enterprise Architect Professional editions to be upgraded.

Remove Key

Makes the Add-In or current version of Enterprise Architect inoperable.


Places the highlighted key into the clipboard.


Closes the dialog.


Displays the help for this topic.

You can run the following tasks from the License Management dialog: