Package Context Menu

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Right-click on a View or Package element in the Project Browser window. The following context menu displays.


Menu Option



Connect to external Add-Ins and external projects.


Add new packages to the model.

Package Control

See Also Version Control.


Add a new diagram, element or another package to the current package.


Produce a variety of documentation in RTF format.

Code Engineering

Perform Code Engineering functions.

Build and Run

Build, run and debug functions.


Import and Export using XMI text files.

Transform Current Package

Perform a model transformation on the selected package. [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[H]

Show Level Numbering

Adds a sequence number to each element in the package, based on the element's position in the package hierarchy.

For nested elements, the numbering indicates level; that is:



This option is only available for packages, and the numbering only applies to the elements in the package, not diagrams.

Show Element List

Displays the Element List, showing the elements contained in the selected package.


Reorganize the package after making changes.


Bookmark all elements in the selected folder.

Search in Project Browser

Search the View for specific elements. [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[F]

Copy Node Path to Clipboard

Copy the selected package hierarchy structure to the clipboard.

Save Package as UML Profile

Save the selected package as a Profile.

Set View Icon

Change the display icon for the selected package.

Move up

Move the package up in the list.

Move down

Move the package down the list.

Delete <packagename>

Delete the selected package and its contents.


Display the appropriate Help topic.