Project Managers

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Enterprise Architect provides support for the management of projects. Project Managers can use Enterprise Architect to assign resources to elements, measure risk and effort, and estimate project sizes. Enterprise Architect also helps them manage Change Control and element maintenance.



Provide Project Estimates

With Enterprise Architect the Project Manager has access to a comprehensive project estimation tool that calculates effort from Use Case and Actor objects, coupled with project configurations defining the technical and environmental complexity of the work environment.

Resource Management

Managing the allocation of resources in the design and development of system components is an important and difficult task. Enterprise Architect enables the Project Manager or Development Manager to assign resources directly to model elements and track progress over time.

Risk Management

The Project Management window can be used to assign Risk to an element within a project. The Risk Types enable the Project Manager to name the risk, define the type of risk, and give it a weighting.


Enterprise Architect enables the Project Manager to track and assign maintenance-related items to elements within Enterprise Architect. This enables rapid capture and record keeping for items such as issues, changes, defects and tasks.

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