Resource Management

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What is a Resource?

Resources are the people who work on a project. They can be assigned roles and allocated tasks, which enables tracking of effort and estimation of time to complete.

Project Management Window

Resources are added, modified and deleted from the Project Management window. To access this window, select the View | Project Management menu option, or press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[7]. (If the window does not display as shown, click on the Show/Hide Properties button in the toolbar.)


What to Do?

To find out more information about Project Resource Management tasks, see the following topics:

·To allocate a resource to an element, see Resource Allocation
·To record additional project management information for an element, see:
·Effort Management to record effort expended on the element
·Risk Management to record risk associated with the element
·Metrics to record metrics measured for an element
·To obtain a report of resource allocation details, see Resource Report
·To configure Project Management data and populate the drop-down lists used on the Project Management dialog tabs, see:
·To find out about the functions of the Project Management toolbar, see The Project Management Window.