Connect Elements

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Connect Elements on a Diagram

The fastest and simplest ways to create connectors are using the Quick Linker and using the Enterprise Architect UML Toolbox. The following topics describe these and other approaches for creating connectors on a diagram:

Tip: To repeat the last connector you used, press [F3].

Select Connectors

To select a connector, simply click on it. Drag handles display, indicating that the connector is selected. This gives the connector focus for keyboard commands such as [Delete], and displays connector properties in docked windows such as the Tagged Values window. If there is more than one connector on a diagram, you can cycle through them using the arrow keys.

Drag Connectors

You can drag a connector to position it. Click on the connector and drag the link to where it is to appear. Note that there are some limitations on how far or to where you can drag a connector.

Note: You can reposition a connector by selecting and dragging the links as required.

Tip: To reattach the end of a connector to a different source or target element, see Change the Source or Target Element.

Connector Properties and Commands

You can double-click on a connector to change properties, or right-click to display the context menu containing commands to change connector type and direction.

You can also highlight the connectors on a specific element. Select the element and press [L]. All the connectors issuing from or terminating at that element are highlighted.

Create Connectors Without a Diagram

Sometimes it is useful to create relationships between elements without a diagrammatic representation. You can do this using the Project Browser window and the Relationship Matrix, as explained in the following topics: