MDG Technologies

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The Model Driven Generation (MDG) Technologies enable you to access and use resources pertaining to a specific technology in Enterprise Architect. You have various options for bringing MDG Technologies into use with Enterprise Architect:

·Sparx Systems already provide some in the Enterprise Architect Install directory, such as Iconix and Mind Mapping; you can see which technologies are available using the MDG Technologies dialog; these are available across Enterprise Architect
·Sparx Systems provide other MDG Technologies for download from, which you can add to those in your Enterprise Architect Install directory; these are available across Enterprise Architect
·You can access and activate MDG Technologies remote from Enterprise Architect, in system folders or web sites; these are available across Enterprise Architect
·You can import UML Profiles, UML Patterns, code templates and language types from elsewhere to be contained in a single area that you can easily access through the Resources window; these are available only within the model in which you imported them
·Technology Developers can create new MDG Technologies and deploy them to the project team as appropriate; see the Enterprise Architect Software Developers' Kit (SDK).

Having made the MDG Technologies available to Enterprise Architect, you can manage their availability to users and you can work with them.