Starting Enterprise Architect

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When you install Enterprise Architect on your computer, a new program folder called Enterprise Architect is created in your Start menu (unless you changed the default name during installation).

Starting Enterprise Architect

You can start Enterprise Architect from the icon created on your Windows desktop during installation, or alternatively:

1.Open the Windows Start menu.
2.Locate the Enterprise Architect program folder.
3.Select  Enterprise Architect.

After a short pause, the Start Page displays. From this dialog you can:

·Open a project file (.EAP file)
·Create a new project (.EAP file)
·Connect to a DBMS repository (Corporate edition only)

Note: By default, when you install Enterprise Architect, an empty 'starter' project called 'EABase.EAP' is installed, as well as an example project named 'EAExample.EAP'. We recommend that new users select the 'EAExample' file and explore it in some detail while they become familiar with UML and software engineering using Enterprise Architect.

To begin a guided exploration of Enterprise Architect immediately, go to Quick Start - Create a Project.

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